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Message of Condolence to Egypt
Jul 1, 2013

The lands of Islam, heartbroken and abused, are shaking with the ongoing events in Egypt. Tears flow with pain and grief. It is regretful and heart breaking that the international community has not been moved to mercy by the sight of innocent blood being spilled, by the river of tears being cried, or by the wounded hearts; their consciences have not been aroused towards even the faintest sense of compassion. How painful it is that whatever we do or say is not powerful enough to stop the atrocities. In awareness of our impotence and weakness, I turn to the All-Powerful One. I kneel in the refuge of the All-Merciful and All-Compassionate, and I pray that He saves Muslims from all kinds of suffering, sorrow, and imprisonment. I offer my condolences to our sister nation Egypt as I pray for mercy and forgiveness from the Almighty for the civil and innocent people who lost their lives in this massacre.

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